Getting to know him: Oscar Hammerstein Presented by Will Hammerstein

A virtual reality experience for your ears? Not only that, but The Art of Sound located in Lambertville, New Jersey, is a place to make all of your senses come alive. They will be hosting an event with special guest William Hammerstein II from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 23rd.

The Art of Sound concentrates on the unique experience one has the moment he or she walks in the door. This 4,000 square foot showroom is a place where one can go to essentially try out sound equipment and improve the home environment. But, this isn’t just any equipment. This is state of the art sound making that can cost from anywhere from under 1,000 dollars to over 100,000 dollars. At the Art of Sound, they will work with your budget from someone who wants a sound system in a studio apartment, to someone who wants a sound system in an estate. They also work with restaurants, hospitals, and other venues to produce top-quality audio.

Walking through the showroom, one will experience different listening environments. This unique building used to be an 1800’s paper mill on the Delaware River. Rooms include The Cave and The Living Room where a listener feels at home to experience the sounds being offered.

These systems make it as if there is a real concert in your home. This is a place where people can also come to learn new technology and share knowledge. It is somewhere to keep up with the ever-changing trends of technology. Music professionals continue to check in for the latest and new equipment. The Art of Sound create a “getting to know you” experience where you can sit down with dim lights and let your senses wander. It is a place to go if you not only love to be entertained, but also if you love to entertain. It’s all about the ambiance and celebration of one’s finest senses.

Aside from being a place to try out and purchase equipment, The Art of Sound also is a venue for performances. This is a way for artists and locals to become involved on an interactive level.

The event on March 23 hosts the grandson of Oscar Hammerstein II, William Hammerstein. His grandfather worked on The Sound of Music,King and I, and many others. William Hammerstein’s event will showcase original music and greatest hits on The Art of Sound equipment. This experience is said to bring the show back to life in a unique way, almost like virtual reality, says Art of Sound spokesperson, Mandee Hammerstein. At the event, there will be a meet and greet, hors d’oeuvres, and refreshments. It will include a documentary screening about Oscar Hammerstein II’s life and his background in Doylestown. It will include information about who inspired him and it will note the activism he was involved with. There will be a “talk-back” afterwards for questions. There will also be information about the Hammerstein museum project happening in Doylestown.

If you love music, theatre, musicals, classics, the arts, history, or a good night of entertainment, this event is for you! The cap for pre-registered guests is 35 people, so reservations can be made my calling The Art of Sound at (609)-483-5000.

The Art of Sound is looking to bring emerging musicians from the area into their exquisite building for year-round programming. The artist would be able to bring his or her newest vinyl and will have an unplugged session with sound that is not available in other areas. Musicians can message The Art of Sound Facebook page and it will then be further reviewed for potential performance.