The Aurender ACS10 is a device designed to eliminate the reliance upon computers and other IT products for the management of digital music files. Its primary functions are what any audiophile needs when using a file-based playback system and are consolidated within the ACS10 with attention given to the simplification of the tasks at hand. It can be used as a companion to an existing Aurender Music Server and it will greatly expand its functions and flexibility. That said, the ACS10 could also be used as a fully-functional server and streamer controlled by Aurender Conductor and delivering a digital output via an Audio 2.0 USB port designed to be connected to an external DAC. However, the highest audio performance is realized when using the ACS10 mated with models A10, N10 or W20. For Aurender users seeking to add the functions of cd ripping, expanded storage and backup and metadata editing the ACS10 is the ideal companion. Customers seeking that same functionality in a stand alone one box server / streamer solution can use ACS10 in that way as well.

Audioquest Beetle Optical- Bluetooth- USB Digital to Analog Converter

-High performance optical input, coupled with ESS’s 9010 time domain jitter eliminator

-Asynchronous USB with streamlength technology

-Asynchronous Bluetooth with streamlength BT technology

-Minimum phase digital filter

-Free desktop application for personalization and software/firmware updates

Audioquest Dragonfly

USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp

-USB Stick size digital-audio converter

-Plays all music files: MP3 to High-Res

-Drives headphones directly

-Variable output drives powered speakers or power amp

-Fixed output feeds preamp or receiver

-Asynchronous transfer ensures digital timing integrity

-Dual fixed-frequency master clocks enable optimal ‘clocking’ (digital timing) for all sample rates

Audioquest Jitterbug

USB Data & Power Noise Filter

Dual Discrete Noise-Dissipation Circuits

-Reduces the noise and ringing that plague both the data and power lines of USB ports

-Measurably reduces jitter and packet errors

-Improves dynamic contrast, warmth and resolution