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Featured System Three

Grand Prix Audio Parabolica Turntable

$please call for pricing

Using the encoder disc from the famed Monaco 2.0 the Parabolica is able to achieve speed stability far beyond anything in its price range.

Incredible speed stability – average 30 parts per million (.00012% RMS)
Unrivaled speed control in it’s class – peak deviation less than 0.00025%
Factory sealed hydro-dynamic bearing- never needs servicing
Direct drive with no belts, no gears, and no mechanical contact
Iconic plinth with exclusive Grand Prix Audio design and signature carbon fiber chassis
Capacitive switch controls power and speed with a simple touch, no buttons
Quick-release arm board provides a repeatable method to swap tone arms in moments

Speed Control & Effortless Performance

Far surpassing virtually everything in its price point, the Parabolica is a dramatic step forward in analog playback at an approachable price. Grand Prix Audio’s patented speed control system and noise reduction techniques allows the Parabolica to confidently step into the arena with tables much higher in price.

Much like the Monaco 2.0, the ultrasonic speed measurement system functions far outside the realm of any playback frequency An active feedback loop maintains platter speed by interrogating the platter motion with actual measurements taken nearly 300,000 times per revolution. What this means; If a 1Khz test tone is played at the outer edge of a record, each cycle extends roughly 0.02 inches along the groove. With measurement points ever 126 micro-inches (0.00012 inches) we are controlling the platter speed 160 times “per cycle” at 1Khz. This result is playback without coloration or flutter. The Grand Prix Audio achievement in frequency accuracy produces the truest possible sound from your record collection.

Materials: Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Sorbothane, Kevlar
Turntable Dimensions: 13” diameter, 5” height
Weight w/ Controller: 27 lbs.
Speed Accuracy: .00012% RMS; <0.00025% peak deviation Drive System: Brushless DC Motor, Internal Controller and encoder checks accuracy over 299,320 per revolution Upgrade: F1 package includes Apex Feet w/ adjuster mechanism and 1” thick Formula platform