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PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier

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If you gave the DiaLogue Premium HP only a brief glance, you might mistake it for a ProLogue Premium. However, placing the two models side by side makes their physical differences obvious: the DiaLogue Premium HP has eight rather than four output tubes, and six rather than four small tubes. And if you were blindfolded and asked to lift each amp—the ultimate blind test—you’d have no difficulty telling them apart. At 46 lbs, the ProLogue Premium is heavy—but the DiaLogue Premium HP is really heavy: 66 lbs. The DiaLogue Premium HP also has a headphone jack, a switch on the right side for selecting between speakers and headphones, and two small indicator lights on the front panel, to signal whether the amp is operating in triode (green) or ultralinear (red) mode.

Tubed, remote-controlled, stereo integrated amplifier. Tube complement: six 12AU7, eight EL34; KT88 or KT120 tubes also available. Inputs: 5 pairs RCA, 1 pair home-theater bypass. Outputs: 4 & 8 ohms. Subwoofer output: RCA. Headphone output: ¼” stereo jack. Rated output power into 8 ohms, 1% THD: triode mode, 40Wpc (EL34, 16dBW), 42Wpc (KT88, 16.23dBW), 45Wpc (KT120, 16.53dBW); ultralinear mode, 70Wpc (EL34, 18.45dBW), 73Wpc (KT88, 18.63dBW), 85Wpc (KT120, 19.3dBW). Frequency response, ±1dB: 7Hz–65kHz (EL34), 7Hz–70kHz (KT88), 7Hz–75kHz (KT120). THD (1W/1kHz): <0.1%. Signal/noise: 92dB (EL34, KT88), 93dB (KT120). Input sensitivity: 320mV (EL34, KT88), 360mV (KT120). Input impedance: 100k ohms. Power consumption: 470W (EL34), 480W (KT88), 540W (KT120).
Dimensions: 15.9″ (410mm) W by 8.1″ (210mm) H by 15.2″ (390mm) D. Weight: 66.3 lbs (30.1kg).