Sonus Faber Loudspeaker of the Year

Sonus faber Sonetto III by HomeTheaterReview

“Due to some terrific design and engineering, the Sonus faber Sonetto III produces much bigger sound than a speaker its size has a right to.”

-Bob Barrett

Joint Loudspeaker of the Year

“Regarding the ballots cast for the two first-place winners, the only thing worth noting is that the Sonus Faber speaker received three first-place votes to the Wilson’s two, the latter taking up the slack with a greater number of second-place votes.”

Editor’s Choice from both John Atkinson and Michael Fremmer:

The Aida won because, though big and complex, with a floor-firing sub and rear-firing “minimonitor” plus the usual front-baffle driver array, in a room seemingly way too small it held together and “disappeared,” leaving a musically satisfying and viscerally exciting sound that validated SF’s longstanding sonic traditions while successfully moving the brand forward into the next century.— Michael Fremer

I second Michael Fremer’s nomination of the Aida. Listening through the Aidas in Michael’s room to Simon Rattle conducting Beethoven’s Symphony 9 was the most involving musical experience I have had in recent months—and that includes live concerts!— John Atkinson