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Surround Sound

NAD Master Series M17 AV Surround Sound Preamp Processor

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NAD Master Series M17 AV Surround Sound Preamp Processor

Surround yourself with perfection. The M17 carries on the enviable task of representing NAD’s finest surround sound performance. Infinite possibilities await thanks to the M17’s most impressive feature, Modular Design Construction (MDC), our proven method for preventing premature obsolescence. Dolby® TrueHD™, DTS® Master Audio™ and NAD’s innovative EARS™ (stereo-to-surround) circuits deliver hyper-realism that captures every dimension of a performance. Add bit-perfect video processing and the M17 delivers the most accurate sound and image experience you’ve ever had. The M17 is second-to-none in terms of flexibility and up-to-the-minute digital technology.

M17 Surround Sound AV Preamplifier
Modular Design ConstructionTM (MDC)
Dolby® TrueHDTM, DTS® Master Audio, NAD EARSTM circuit • 6 x HDMI Inputs, 2 x Outputs with 4K pass-through and CEC • Audyssey MultEQ setup and room correction
Balanced Outputs for all channels
Zone 2 Output
RS-232 and IR for External Control
12V Trigger In/Out
0.5W Standby Power Consumption
M27 Seven Channel Power Amplifier
7 X 180W Continuous Power, all channels driven
Hybrid Digital Amplifier featuring nCoreTM technology
Balanced Inputs
12V Trigger In/Out
0.5W Standby Power Consumption
Up to 1080p
3 Vpp
0.5 Vpp
RJ45 10/100 Ethernet Tx
Line Level Input
Input Impedance (R and C)
56kΩ + 220pF
Input Sensitivity
40mV (ref. 500mV out)
Maximum Input Signal
Signal/Noise Ratio, A-weighted
>90dB (ref. 500mV in, 500mV out, volume set to unity gain)
>80dB (ref. 2V out, volume maximum)
Channel Separation
>70dB (ref. 1kHz / 10kHz)
Frequency Response
±0.3dB (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz, Tone Active)
±0.3dB (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz, Tone Defeat)
Frequency Response (subwoofer out)
10 – 200Hz (ref. -3dB)
Maximum output level
>8Vrms into 600Ω
<0.005% (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz, 2V out) Tone Controls Treble ±10dB at 10kHz (ref. 2V in, 2V out) Bass ±10dB at 100kHz (ref. 2V in, 2V out) General Standby power <0.5W Unit Dimension (WxHxD) – Gross 435 x 156 x 386mm 17 1/8 x 6 3/16 x 15 1/4 inches Net weight 10.9kg (24lb) Shipping weight 17.5kg (38.6lb)